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inf.) chook, chiffchaff, chimney swallow or chimney swift, chipping sparrow, chough, chuck-will's-widow, chukar, cliff swallow, coal tit or coletit, cockatiel or cockateel, cockatoo, cock-of-the-rock, collared dove, coly or mousebird, conure, coppersmith, coquette, corella, corn bunting, corncrake, cotinga or chatterer, coucal, cowbird, crake, crane, crested tit, crocodile bird, crombec, crossbill, crow or (Scot.) corbie, cuckoo, cumulet, curassow, curlew, currawong or bell magpie, darter, anhinga, or snakebird, demoiselle (crane) or Numidian crane, diamond bird or pardalote, dipper or water ouzel, diver, dollarbird, dotterel or dottrel, dove or (archaic or poetic) culver, dowitcher, drongo, dunlin or red-backed sandpiper, egret, emperor penguin, emu, emu-wren, fantail, fernbird, fieldfare, fig-bird, finch, finfoot, firebird, firecrest, flamingo, flower-pecker, flycatcher, francolin, friarbird, frogmouth, galah, gang-gang, gnatcatcher, go-away bird, godwit, goldcrest, golden oriole, goldfinch, grackle or crow blackbird, grassfinch, grassquit, great crested grebe, great northern diver, great tit, grebe, greenfinch, green leek, greenlet, greenshank, green woodpecker, grey warbler or riroriro (N.

Z.), grosbeak, grouse, guan, guinea fowl, hadedah, hawfinch, hazelhen, hedge sparrow or dunnock, helldiver, pie-billed grebe, or dabchick, hen harrier or (U. & Canad.) marsh harrier, heron, hill myna, hoatzin or hoactzin, homing pigeon, honey creeper, honey-eater, honey guide, honeysucker, hooded crow, hoopoe, hornbill, house martin, house sparrow, hummingbird or trochilus, ibis, jabiru, jacamar, jaçana or lily-trotter, jackdaw, jacksnipe, Jacobin, jaeger (U. & Canad.), Java sparrow, jay, junco, jungle fowl, kagu, kaka, kakapo, kea, killdeer, kingbird, kingfisher, king penguin, kiwi or apteryx, knot, koel, kokako, kookaburra or laughing jackass, kotuku, Lahore, lapwing or green plover, lark, limpkin or courlan, linnet, locust bird, loggerhead shrike, longspur, long-tailed tit, lorikeet, lory, lourie, lovebird, lyrebird, macaw, magpie, magpie lark, Major Mitchell, marabou, marsh tit, martin, meadowlark, meadow pipit, minivet, mistle thrush or missel thrush, mockingbird, monal or monaul, motmot or sawbill, mourning dove, myna, mynah, or mina, nighthawk, bullbat, or mosquito hawk, night heron, nightingale, nightjar or (U. & Canad.) goatsucker, noddy, noisy miner, nun, nutcracker, nuthatch, oil bird or guacharo, oriole, ortolan or ortolan bunting, ostrich, ouzel or ousel, ovenbird, oxpecker or tick-bird, parakeet or parrakeet, parrot, partridge, peacock, peafowl, peewit, pelican, penguin, phalarope, pheasant, pied wagtail, pigeon, pipit, plover, pratincole, ptarmigan, puffbird, puffin, pukeko, purple gallinule, pyrrhuloxia, quail, quarrian or quarrion, quetzal, racket-tail, rail, rainbow bird, raven, red-backed shrike, redbreast, red grouse, red-legged partridge, redpoll, redshank, redstart, redwing, reedbird, reed bunting, reedling or bearded tit, reed warbler, regent-bird, rhea or American ostrich, ricebird, riflebird, rifleman, ringed plover, ring-necked pheasant, ring ouzel, roadrunner or chaparral cock, robin or robin redbreast, rock dove or rock pigeon, rockhopper, roller, rook, rosella, rosy finch, ruff, ruffed grouse, runt, saddleback, saddlebill or jabiru, sage grouse, sanderling, sandgrouse, sand martin, sandpiper, sapsucker, Scandaroon, scarlet tanager, scrub bird, sedge warbler, seriema, serin, sheathbill, shoebill, shore bird or (Brit.) wader, shrike or butcherbird, sicklebill, siskin or (formerly) aberdevine, sitella or tree-runner, skimmer, skylark, snipe, snow bunting, snowy egret, solitaire, song sparrow, song thrush or mavis, sora, sparrow, spoonbill, spotted crake, spotted flycatcher, spotted sandpiper or (U.

In fact, some primitive fossil birds and small meat-eating dinosaurs are so alike that it is difficult to tell them apart based on their skeletons alone.archaeopteryx, Archaeopteryx lithographica, archeopteryx - extinct primitive toothed bird of the Jurassic period having a long feathered tail and hollow bones; usually considered the most primitive of all birds Sinornis - sparrow-sized fossil bird of the Jurassic period to the Cretaceous period having a keeled breastbone and vestigial tail; found in China; considered possibly the second most primitive of all birds Quotations"No ladder needs the bird but skies""To situate its wings,""Nor any leader's grim baton""Arraigns it as it sings" [Emily Dickinson]"Who wills devoutly to absorb, contain,""birds give him pain" [Richard Wilbur The Beautiful Changes]"I know what the caged bird feels, alas!

" [Paul Lawrence Dunbar Sympathy] accentor, amazon, ani, avadavat or amadavat, avocet, babbler, Baltimore oriole, barbet, beccafico, bee-eater, bellbird, bird of paradise, bishopbird, bittern, blackbird, blackcap, blackcock, black grouse, blackpoll, bluebird, blue grouse, blue jay, bluethroat, bluetit, boatbill or boat-billed heron, bobolink, bobwhite, bokmakierie, bowerbird, brain-fever bird, brambling, broadbill, brolga, Australian crane, or (Austral.) native companion, budgerigar, bulbul, bullfinch, bunting, bush shrike, bushtit, bush wren, bustard, button quail, cacique, canary, Cape pigeon, capercaillie or capercailzie, Cape sparrow, capuchin, cardinal or cardinal grosbeak, carrion crow, cassowary, catbird, chaffinch, chat, chickadee, chicken or (Austral.

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Just a few of these include hollow bones, the position of the pelvis, the structure of their eggs, the shape of the shoulder blade, and a collarbone shaped into a wishbone.